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we are mysterioustrip travel blogger offering travel guest post.


Word Limit: Your guest post shouldn’t be less than 1200 words. It has to be 1200+ at least. We are accepting well studied and wide-ranging guest posts here on Mysterious Trip. So, it is a humble request that you send only contents comprising 1200+ words; since we wouldn’t be publishing any short Travel guest post.

Guest Post Topics: the topics for the guest posts shall be centred on the niche of this website i.e. travellinghauntedmysterious placesunsolved mysteriesmysterious stories and more like this.

Link Policy: you could add the only 1 link in your profile. The link could be for your site homepage, inner page or your social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn etc. If it is paid post then you could add up to 2 links which would be shown below your guest post.

These two links will be shown towards the end of your guest post. No self-promotional links in the guest post body, please. But we are recommending to add links to most trusted and popular websites in your niche and in general.

Format: Ensure that you have used heading, sub-headings, italics, bold, underline, short paragraph etc in your content to make it more appealing. Cause, plain is boring!

Put Image: keep in mind to include at least 4 images(royalty-free) be compatible with your guest post and ensure image size is under 150KB.