How to Setup HP Printer on Windows 10?

Let's take a look at how to set up your wireless printer in Windows 10.


Windows 10 comes with an in-built HP printer driver for most types of printers, therefore you won't have to install the printer using any software. 

But, Windows 10 does not automatically install the built-in HP printer driver, in-fact, you have to download the HP printer driver manually. Installing the HP printer driver in Windows 10 is a simple task that provides you the ability to start printing immediately after a quick setup. So, to help you with that, here we provide you three simple steps guide to setup wireless HP Printer on Windows 10:


Step 1: Set Windows 10 to update to download HP Printer Driver Software

Step 2: Connect the HP printer to your computer before starting the driver installation with:

  • a USB cable to your computer
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to your network
  • Wired connection to your network

Step 3: Lastly, add a ‘Printer wizard’ to install the built-in print driver.


After following the process of setup wireless HP Printer, try to take out print or scan a document (if supported) to make sure that your printer, as well as your scanner, is working properly. 


If they are working, it means the built-in print driver is installed in your computer’s Windows 10.  If not working, Download and Install HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix common issues with your printer.


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