Hello! - My Introduction Post

Hello! This is going to be my short introduction post to the community, because I am not so good with this sort of the post I will keep it down to the point, represent myself in a few words and present you some of my previous work.



Hello! This is going to be my short introduction post to the community, because I am not so good with this sort of the post I will keep it down to the point, represent myself in a few words and present you some of my previous work.

I am networker, hobby programmer, handyman, promoter, writer, technology and cryptocurrency enthusiast, community builder and admin to Tau Raghallach multipurpose discord server. My interests includes online content creation, promotion, networking, programming, and repairs. Shortly, I will present you some of my work.


Steemit, StagingBusy, Steempeak, SmokeIo, Partiko, Whaleshares, WlsFintehruOrg, Scorum, Bearshares, Trybe, Choon, Twitter, Minds, Weku.io, Cent.co, Bitbacker.io, Yours.org, Hyperspace.app, SolaAi, Honest.Cash, Github, Memo.Cash and Sv.Memo.Cash.

Tau-Raghallach is also a multi-website promo server which facilitates ( for now) all content from the listed websites. If you wish to share something more, you can always post your suggestion in the server's garage channel. We also use this server to promote other valuable venues (contests, airdops, invites), we have an archive with valuable information and tools you can use for your daily work, and also a self-assigned roles which will serve you to receive only a set of notifications you desire. Other things too... but it is a material for another story.


This is, besides my Discord server, my main website and a base. I keep pretty much a lot of my stuff in here: I have a various tools, posting app, fully functional shop (demo), some of my content, and many other things I love to do. I also have repositories and I love to build annoying discord service and chatter bots.


I participate as a content creator - writer on a multiple crypto-blogging website. My favorite topics are storytelling, fiction, poetry, technology, internet, application and helpful tutorials. Currently I am writing on Whaleshares, Steemit, Weku, Smoke, Minds, Sola, Cent, HonestCash, Scorum, Trybe and I try to be useful in Steem.Center (wikipedia) as well.


I also like to socialize on the Twitter, Memo.cash and Mirakee. I use my Twitter as a sharing platform and sometimes for jokes and inspirational outlets. MemoCash and SV.MemoCash I use as well, in the same manner, sometimes to post my creative pieces and sometimes to share something of an opinion or an information. Mirakee is a poetry app that I enjoy using without any particular reason. It is a creative environment for the writers.


I also maintain two Blogger blogs, one is a completed horror fiction story called Silent Water, and another is a lyrics and poetry blog. I completed the Silent Water the last year, and I was thinking to go into the self-publishing after I polish it. I have my lyrics blog for 9 years now, and I am very proud of it. It is my oldest blog.


Besides being a writer and hobby programmer, I also like to design things, for example I have a special interest in css themes and I host my work on Userstyles. I created Nightmode Whaleshares v2 theme, Brown Whaleshares theme, Steemit style and Discord style.


I use the Quora for various things, but as a website contains many options it is worth of listing under my CV websites. Linkedin, StackOverflow and Github is pretty much self explanatory and I also like to surf in the Steem Projects as well.


Google Play is my favorite online application websit as I use the android mobile phone. I also like to read the Quartz and from time to time I add something in there. AlternativeTo has been my favorite database for a long time, so I have ti add it in here. From the cryptorelated websites, that is the Cryptocompare.


Freelancing: | Guru | Fiverr | Peerhub

I do not have much time to spend on the freelancing websites, because my attention is focused on the blogging and content creation. Also at this moment I am investigating a possibility of the online ebook publishing, so that will be also my next project.

I consider my best traits to be the objective point of view, persistence and perseverance, willingness to help others in achieving their optimum performance and true potential and unshakable belief in human creation. I personally believe that all people are born with valuable special skills that complete the big picture.I am 100% pro-humanity, futurist and trans-humanist. ? In personal life I am incurable workaholic, I own a very laud and needy parrot and my favorite food are the mollusks. My favorite pass time is the Youtube, making pancakes, listening music, watching the science fiction movies and channeling an ancient alien. I frequently post humor, you can see some of of my funny social statuses and posters below. I create my own memes and post them online for fun.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation of my work and interests.


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