How to Fix HP Computer is not Connect to Wireless Internet

If cannot make the wireless work, look for an HP Customer Support Number and talk to the computer experts for the right help and support services.


Troubleshoot wireless network issues on HP computers can be little tricky but impossible. The wireless network is a more convenient way to access the Internet than wired. Sometimes there can some temporary technical hitches that may possibly interrupt Internet access on HP computer. There can be may reason behind an inactive wireless Internet connection on a computer-

  •          A temporary software malfunctions
  •          Server down from ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  •          Computer wireless network driver got corrupted
  •          Wireless network driver is disabled
  •          Computer security application possibly blocking Internet access
  •          Check for a Wi-Fi disabled button in the computer’s keyboard
  •          Make sure Aeroplane mode is inactive

Whenever there is a problem with the wireless Internet access on an HP computer, always reboot the Internet router or modem and computer devices in first place. If applying reboot does not resolve the problem, check if the Internet is active on other devices in the house. After having an active Internet connection on other devices in the house except for the computer, you can either directly contact HP Help Number or run network diagnosis for further information.


To eliminate Wi-Fi issues in Windows 10 computers, right click on the network icon in the right-side corner screen and run Network Diagnosis. This process usually resolves basic Wi-Fi related issues or inform you about the real cause.

Repair reinstall network drivers

You may experience such issues on HP computers if using an outdated network driver or it has been disabled somehow. To update, repair or reinstall a Wi-Fi driver in Windows 10 computer-

  •          Press Windows + R
  •          Type “devmgmt.msc” and open
  •         Click Network Adaptors
  •          Right click on Wi-Fi/ Wireless driver and uninstall
  •          Repeat with each wireless network driver and reboot

After successful reboot your computer hardware will auto install network drivers. Next you can check for available networks and choose your network name to connect. This process eventually resolves most network drivers related issues.

You must not also forget to update your wi-fi password on the HP computer if recently updated.

Above procedures should possibly resolve any computer Internet-related issues within the computer until it is a hardware fault. It is also possible to encounter sudden hardware fault in HP computer, which will not let you connect to the wireless network. If your HP device is not connecting to the Internet despite performing the above task, they must consult with the professionals in HP customer support department for better information results.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems using a Lan wire

If your computer is not connecting to the wireless network, then connect it using Lan wire directly to the router. This will enable Internet access on the HP computer directly with the router or modem device. Now you can check for available Windows updates and install them, which will possibly eliminate most driver software related issues automatically. Sometimes your device needs an updated network driver to access the Internet, which will not be possible until gaining Internet access back. Connecting computer hard-wired to the Internet router will allow updating all drivers smoothly. Even after performing these methods, if cannot make the wireless work, look for an  HP Customer Support Number and talk to the computer experts for the right help and support services.

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