How to Diagnose and Solve an Overheating HP Laptop?

If you cannot find the HP support tool on your PC, then download it now from the HP website. This diagnosis tool is not only good for HP printers but also all other HP products. There is also another dedicated HP Printer Diagnosis tool called “HP Printer and Scan Doctor”.


HP Laptop Support Number gives the answer to all the queries you have regarding HP laptops. Sometimes it is possible that your laptop starts getting overheated and this can also lead to further problems. There can be several reasons behind this problem and you need to look for the cause first. Only then a suitable solution can be reached at and in case you are not able to do that on your own, you can give a call at the HP Laptop Support Phone Number.

Following are the steps which need to be followed to get rid of the overheating issue with your HP laptop:

  • Clean the air vents of your laptop and check whether the air fan is working or not.
  • The laptop’s fan should be working at the right speed.
  • Make sure you are not blocking the air vents while working with your HP laptop.
  • Next, you can try updating the BIOS to resolve the overheating issue.
  • Replace the thermal pads with a new one if they are burnt.
  • Make sure no unnecessary startup programs are running in the background as this might cause the overheating issue.
  • Shut down the laptop for some time and disconnect the power adapter as well as remove the battery. Hold the power button for some time. Now insert the battery and start the laptop and check if the issue has been resolved.

For further troubleshooting with HP laptop, you can directly give a call at the HP Support Number

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