How to Bargain during Selling the Car

How to Bargain during Selling the Car


For many people, bidding is something scary, someone is easily amenable to pressure, and buyers (and resellers in particular) use it. How to bargain with the sale of the car - in our material.

Don't give in to pressure

The market is the place for the determined. Here win those who have a tougher position. When a buyer comes to inspect a car, he will inevitably have questions: the state of the paintwork, the documents , the number of owners, and so on. An experienced buyer will be persistent, making it clear that he will not agree to your terms and refuse the transaction if you do not give in.

Do not forget - the person has already come to you and spent his time. Just do not succumb to provocations, are confident in the price - stand your ground.

If the buyer is bidding very aggressively and inadequately “breaks” the price, be calm - he was not the last to come to watch the car, politely explain that the price is final. Your peace of mind and confidence can affect the buyer, and he will ultimately agree to your price if he is not a reseller.

Give arguments for your price

If a car is sold at a market price or even more expensive, be prepared for the fact that every nuance found will be a reason for bargaining. Scratch on the bumper? Throw off the price of polishing. Chips on the windshield? Drop the price. Does the thickness gauge show more than one coat of paint on the wing? Make a discount.

The conversation can continue in the vein of bargaining for a very long time, but if you are determined to sell the car at the stated price, you need to justify such pricing and respond to every customer’s comment.

The arguments may be as follows:

The price has already been reduced taking into account the shortcomings that the car has.
The price is already slightly lower than the market, and other cars that have not yet been tested are more expensive.
The car was recently serviced (do not say that it was recently repaired - it does not play a role in pricing, and rather makes the car cheaper than expensive).
Expensive components are attached to the machine, such as a set of rubber on disks or spare parts that are left in reserve.
Bargaining for the sale of a car must be reasonable on both sides, do not forget about it. Then it will be easier to cope with the provocations and confront them, if suddenly the buyer tries to lower the price without reason and leading you to emotions.

As a proof of your honesty, use the Autocode service report , which instantly checks more than 12 databases (traffic police, GIS GMP, registry of deposits in the Federal Notary Chamber, etc.). For credibility and visibility of the absence of defects, use the services of on-site inspection . The master will arrive at the place at any time and issue a full conclusion about those. the condition of your car. So the buyer himself will understand that your price is fully justified. In addition, the cost of verification services you can put in the price of the car.

Phone Bargaining

A separate category of bidding when selling a car is telephone bidding, when attempts to lower the price you have announced begin at the stage of telephone conversations.

Bidding of this kind is the most meaningless, because you are provoked to reduce the price of a product that the buyer has not even seen. As a rule, resellers are traded on the phone, pre-indicating the intention to buy a car cheaply, or people who do not have enough money to buy.

Sometimes the role is played by the usual stinginess of the buyer, who has the money to buy at a specified cost, but wants to save more and practice the art of bargaining.

The best and easiest way to avoid useless negotiations is to immediately indicate in the announcement that you are bidding only on the spot, "near the hood." This will reduce the number of calls from resellers several times, and you can calmly receive calls from serious buyers.

Pledge readiness to bargain in the price of a car

The standard trick is how to bargain skillfully when selling a car - just lay the amount you are willing to give into the price of a car. For example, when planning to sell a car for 500 thousand, indicate in the ad price of 525 thousand.

For an experienced buyer or reseller, this will be a signal - they already understand that these uneven 25 thousand are put into bargaining, but they will certainly try to bring down the cost even lower by bargaining beyond the set “threshold” of half a million.

The advice is still the same - keep a cold mind and remember that you are ready to bargain only for the amount indicated to yourself. Even this money needs to be reluctant to give in, so that the buyer has a feeling of participating in the game, do not take off decisively and immediately.

If you have laid such a “threshold”, you can even bid by phone, making sure in advance that the buyer will go out with a view to buy a car at your price and bargain at the same time. A nice bonus is the chance to sell a car for the full amount from an ad, thus winning an extra couple of tens, or even hundreds of thousands, if a luxury car is sold.