What is a Tachymetre on the Clock?

What is a Tachymetre on the Clock?


Many of the modern watch options are equipped with an easy-to-use device called a tachometer. We will tell you in more detail what the tachometer is on the clock and how to use this function correctly. The presence of these accessories on the clock makes it multi-dimensional and unnecessary. First, the tachometer is designed to measure the speed and number of cycles of repetition for a specific period.

The metric scale is default and clockwise. In addition, you can find numeric symbols on the scale, which will allow you to better navigate to the station. Standard tachometer options allow you to calculate the speed of kilometers per hour or the time required to overcome a kilometer. You can use a tachometer to measure heart rate per minute just like omax devices or to perform certain cycles at intervals of time.

On the tachymeter scale, which is located on the clock side, you can see 60 marks as opposed to 12 hours, and 120 marks opposite 6 hours. Depending on the particular clock modification, the tachometer can either use a separate hand or a special system that, when this function is activated, puts the hour or minute hand at the 12-hour position. After you use the tachometer, this kind of arrow returns to its original state.

Using a tachymeter scale is not difficult. You need to press the function activation button, and at 12pm the arrow will start moving. After passing a certain portion of the route, it is necessary to pause the tachometer and calculate the number of arrows passing through it. With easy calculations, you can get up to kilometers per hour, or it takes time to overcome one kilometer. On the Internet you can find a thematic video explaining what the total station is and how to use it in one watch.

In most cases, the use of a tachometer does not matter. All you need to do is learn how often the scale is crossed by an arrow and how much distance to calculate correctly, or how long it takes to complete a particular action. All of this will allow you to get a very accurate calculation.

When choosing a watch with a tachometer, you must first pay attention to the specific model and manufacturer of the watch. The fact is that today watch manufacturers do not offer a very high quality method, the accuracy of which is far from ideal. In this case, not only the accuracy indicators are affected, but also all the functions available for a particular watch model. All this leads to the fact that the tachometer shows incorrect data, and the error in the calculation can be around 15 - 15-20%.

Selection is not important in this case of mechanical or quartz systems. With poor quality procedures, the tachometer can display erroneous data, and with the fine-tuning of a quartz watch, the tachometer can perform perfectly accurate measurements. Therefore, even before making a purchase, reading reviews about a particular model and becoming familiar with the technical details will not be excessively beneficial, in which the manufacturer determines the maximum tolerance for completely accurate measurement deviations. ۔ This will give you the opportunity to select a clock model that is equipped with a total station and other functions that matter to you.

I must say that the performance of modern mechanical watches has increased significantly today. If this was enough to show the time and date on the first calendar, today high-quality watches can be built with built-in valid stopwatch, chronograph, permanent calendar and various other functions. Of course, this creates the inevitable complexity of the mechanism technology, which in turn increases the cost of the watch itself. Therefore, in order to achieve a specific model, you need to decide which of the clock functions are most important to you, and for which you do not want to pay too much. This will allow you to accurately determine the required model, and you will select exactly the watch that will satisfy you in terms of its performance, accuracy and cost. The tachometer, although it is an interesting watch on the clock, is still limited in its use. However, many manufacturers today use a standard method that allows you to use a tachometer without the added cost of a particular model.