Online Bookmakers – The Most Outlandish Bets

They say that punters will bet on almost anything, and they probably have ever since cave man days.


They say that punters will bet on almost anything, and they probably have ever since cave man days. Of course, if there’s someone around who wants to have a bet, then there’s always going to be someone willing to take that bet. Legally, that’s a bookmaker, either in a registered shop, at an event such as a race track, or online. In fact, online bookmakers field millions of bets each day, and money amount is staggering – almost as much as a small country’s total economy.

While we generally focus on football, horse racing, cricket and a multitude of popular sports and events, punters will bet on some outlandish events. For 2012, see if any of these bets appeal to you – if they do, BetBubbles is offering odds on each of them.

  • You can get 100/1 that someone delivers conclusive proof of Yeti by 31 Dec 2012
  • If you think that’s unlikely, then what about 50/1 that extra terrestrial life is confirmed by the UK PM or the US President. Those are a little short, perhaps there’s something to all the rumors?
  • Looking for longer odds, how about 500/1 for the perennial favourite – the FBI to confirm Elvis is still alive.
  • For skeptics and religious fanatics alike, there’s 250/1 for the Pope to confirm the second coming before end 2012
  • You can even get 100/1 that a live Tasmanian Tiger is authenticated by end 2012
  • Finally, my favourite, and it has to be worth a couple of pounds, 1000/1 that a UFO will affect the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

If you’re not happy with those options, you can always check out the royal family. Betting has been keen, especially with William and Kate. Bookmakers will take bets on:

  • Name Of Baby
  • Year Of First Baby
  • Gender Of Baby
  • Hair Colour Of First Born Child
  • How Long Will Kate Be In Labour For?
  • How Will Kate Give Birth?
  • Time Of First Babys Arrival
  • Weight Of The First Baby
  • Will There Be Twins Or Triplets?

And poor Kate not even pregnant yet – unless they haven’t told us yet. Still, bookmakers will only follow the punters, and if punters want to place money on strange outcomes, a bookmaker will be happy to take them on. Will 2012 be an interesting year for you? We hope we’re all successful when it comes to having a bet.