For all those wondering about the 2K news

For all those wondering about the 2K news


I drafted a 79 total QB in the seventh round once, pretty amazing. Got him up and won the superbowl twice! Copy my starter was Trevor Siemian RG3. He had rapid development too, absolutely insane. Took me from one of Madden nfl 21 coins the worst passing attacks in the league to the best.That is great. What was your man's throwing power? I'll fully scout a man if his throw power is A +. I learned my lesson after having a B+ once (before I knew much more about scouting), and this dude's THP was like an 82. I said.

I believe it was B-, this was a couple of years back so I do not remember precisely. I typically look for speedy, scrambling QBs because I find it far easier to upgrade their accuracy above their speed. I typically run a more west coast crime too, so I really don't toss it down the area an entire lot.That's what's up. Yeah, that's a fantastic way. It is going to be a lot easier to update the guy's arm if you pile their points. If it's taking 3,500 XP points for every upgrade point they get, I am starting to let them accumulate. Doing this way with a quick QB will surely have him good in a shorter quantity of time. If I do that over a single season, he can jump 10+ points at OVR after the first year.

Surely, that's the way I see it anyhow. I have drafted scramblers in the first round as well and really the only difference is their starting speed/agility. Throw electricity, etc is in the same ballpark in my experience or typically the exact same. Here is a record I posted awhile back of my 19-0 Bills using a first round scrambler I turned right into a record breaking GOAT. Today I wish to write me a scrambler to function on. Haha. I simply had a draft another day at my league (four people total), along with the guy I took could not run, but his arm is nice out that the gate, using a concealed development.I sense it. Or possess excellent pocket existence. I'm not one of those that just drop back and back and backagain. And that I move around to let my cubes hold up, double-team/chip guys, shift.

For all those wondering about the 2K news. This is what a"non-sim" game looks like

My question and thought is, is what's stopping 2k out of building a blitz style match, marketing that as their primary game mode, then creating a sim/franchise part of Madden 20 NFL and simply calling it an add-on game mode? Or dlc franchise style? Likely can not do that if they do not possess the license to get a sim NFL game. If I had been 2K, I would make an"arcade style" similar to Madden's Arcade setting (kinda arcade-like, but largely much like sim; e.g. nothing like Blitz) except make it 8v8 should they have to so as to comply with the arcade license legal terminology, whatever that involves. Real presentation, commentary, franchise/Coach style, My GM mode, etc. just with 8v8 or anything it requires to buy Mut 21 coins satisfy the license of an"arcade" game.