Canon Printer Don’t Work With Windows 10 computer

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There can be numerous reasons behind this type of problem in Canon printers. Experiencing this problem due to a hardware failure is very rare. Usually, this type of problem in Windows 10 computers will occur due to software driver’s compatibility configurations. Also, it can also occur due to bad network connectivity, wherein users can find online instructions to apply.

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Now the Canon printer diagnosis instructions depends on the type of connection.

Connected through USB wire –when printer stops working unexpectedly on Windows 10 computer while it is hard wired. Then, try some simple troubleshooting methods.

  • May be your printer is experiencing unexpected software malfunction, therefore unplug the USB cable from both ends and remove printer power cord also from both ends.
  • Now open computer Control Panel (for windows computer users) and access Programs, now locate all Canon drivers and carefully uninstall them one by one.
  • After completion of printer software and driver’s uninstallation, reboot computer and download the latest Canon printer drivers form their official website. To download the latest drivers and other tools form Canon, please visit the like –
  • In the search bar, type your Canon printer model number and download the full package of available latest drivers.
  • Meanwhile, you can also connect the USB wire in Canon printer and continue driver installation.
  • Now extract the Canon driver folder to initiate installation and further, on being prompted to choose the type of connection with printer- choose USB wired and proceed to finalize the settings.
  • On getting Canon printer installed and configured successfully, try to print a test page from the last window of printer setup.

This method will be most effective for USB hard wired printers, wherein the following method will make the connection between computer and printer stronger for a better experience. There can be also some exceptions when the following procedure will not work out for your device. In that case, you can choose to contact Canon printer customer support through Canon Printer Support Number and get it inspected by professional engineers. The online experts have some advance printer diagnostic tools that easily detect most issues for effective troubleshooting.