Why Isn't the Lexmark Printer Communicating with My Computer?

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Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number manufactures a broad vary of inkjet, optical maser, and multifunction printing devices. If your Lexmark peripheral appears unable to receive and method information from your pc displays communication-related error messages or just ignores your makes an attempt to use it, direct your troubleshooting efforts to some common -- and some not-so-common-- malfunctions and mistakes that cause these sorts of issues.

Cover-Open Switch

Some Lexmark printers deceivingly report a print head error or AN open cowl, preventing the devices from exceptive and processing information from your pc. Each message mirrors an equivalent underlying problem -- a canopy device with a haywire lever. This triggers a cover-open warning message, which can leave you unable to finish off the printer while not initial disconnecting it from wattage. The print head error stems from the switch lever moving barely enough to trigger the warning whereas the printer operates. Adjusting the lever or exchange the switch cures the matter. To avoid a repeat of this issue, handle the printer gently rather than slamming covers closed.

Network Port-Sharing issues

Your printer can fail to control properly if you are trying to attach it to quite one pc at an equivalent time while not exploitation LAN or wireless networking to try and do, therefore. Some Lexmark printers helping phone number embody each parallel and USB ports, however, these devices should not be used through each interface at the same time. If you connect through a wireless network, permit enough time for the printer to end initializing itself and its network association before you arrange to use it. Might you furthermore might} may expertise communication issues if you arrange to use the printer on an equivalent port as a scanner or a multifunction device that has scanning capability.

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